About the Public Institution

The Nature Park is governed by an Institution founded by the Government of the Republic Croatia based on the Regulation about the establishment of the Public Institution Nature Park Papuk (National Gazette, No. 96/99), and is under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment and Nature.

The activities of the Institution include protection, maintenance and promotion of the Nature Park in order to protect and preserve important features and the role of the Nature Park, Ensuring undisturbed progress of the natural processes and sustainable use of natural resources, and surveillance of the implementation of conditions and nature protection measures on the protected areas.

The bodies of the Institution are: the Governing Council, the director and professional guide. The Governing Council operates the Institution and consists of five members, appointed by the Minister. The Institution´s business is organized and managed by the director, appointed by the Minister on a period of four years. The professional activities of the Institution are conducted by the professional guide, appointed by the Governing Council on suggestion of the director, on a period of four years.

The Governing Council´s members of the Public Institution Nature Park Papuk are:

  1. Irena Relić, chairmen
  2. Tanja Šinko, member
  3. Mirko Mališ, member
  4. Matej Begić, member
  5. Anita Lovreković, member