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The Nature Park Papuk offers a pallet of possibilities for recreation and is a perfect place for an active vacation. First in mind is alpinism, walking through the nature, what is attractive in all seasons. Because of the heights of the Papuk pikes, up to 1000 m, the alpinists can enjoy their activities regardless of their age. The swimming pools in Velika and the lake at Orahovica, are the ideal places for refreshment and bathing in summer.

To spend a day or a week end at the Nature Park Papuk, means to be in the open and what ewer your interests are: adventure, walking, bicycle riding, fun or just enjoying the nature, we are sure that you will find something for yourself. Where ewer you go and whatever you do, we kindly ask you to respect the nature.


Visitors center

The visitors centre is situated in Velika, the main entrance to the Nature Park. The Centre is in a historical building, built in the 19th century, completely restored in 2007. At the Centre there are permanent and occasional expositions set up. It is equipped with a multimedial and conference room. In the close neighborhood there are many touristic and recreation objects (thermal pools, the educational path Lapjak, one airfield for paragliding a cliff for free cliff-climbing Sokoline.

The permanent exposition at the Centre covers the most interesting biological, geological an historical exhibits of the area of the nature park. Visitors have the chance to discover the geological inheritance through many exposed geological samples and crystals. A rich collection of fossils are also exhibited permanently. The biological exhibits include among other things the nests of diverse birds and a sample of insects. The archeological Exhibits encompass items from the late Stone Age, the early Iron Age but also many glass-products from glass-manufactories of the 18th century.

At the Center there is also a souvenir shop, where visitors can buy souvenirs (books, t-shirts, maps, till-products…) and acquire publications and various info`s about the nature park.

The Center is open at work-days. Lectures and educative work-shops are organized for schools and organized groups of visitors, whom have announced their arrival.

Educational paths

All areas under protection emphasize the education of their visitors as a very important task, and one of the educational means are educational walking-paths. We interpret educational walking-paths, by the means of the natural and culture-historical characteristics of that area. The Public Institution of the Nature Park Papuk has build seven educational paths until now, located at the most attractive locations at the Park.


Educational path Lapjak

Length of the path 4,2 km
Duration of the visit 3,5 h
Distance Požega 15 km
Clothing and footwear should be adapted for a stay in the nature and climbing along paths in the woods (Casual wear and smug sneakers or walking shoes)

This is the first hill-mountain educational path in Slavonia. Built after the model of educational paths at the American national parks. On this path, whom partially follows the hiking trail “Šulerov put”, you can find all the most important characteristics dotting the Nature Park Papuk. With help of the educational panels, posted along the path, and with expert leading by the workers of the nature park, the visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the relief, hydrology, vegetation, flora and fauna, geology and history of the area.


The Count`s educational path on Jankovac

Length of the path 2,3 km
Duration of the visit 3 h
Distance Velika 14 km, Slatinski Drenovac 5 km
Clothing and footwear should be adapted for a stay in the nature and climbing along paths in the woods (Casual wear and smug sneakers or walking shoes)

The educational path is built on the most beautiful part of the Park-woods Jankovac, next to the mountain house, the Jankovac lakes and the waterfall Skakvac. Stairs, small wooden pedestrian bridges and handrails we´ve installed along the path, enable the visitors access to the most beautiful sights of Jankovac. Along the path we have installed educational panels describing the natural or culture-historical notabilities in the surrounding of the path. We named the educational path on Jankovac, the Count`s path, in memory of the Count Josip, the honorable Janković, the first men who recognized the esthetic and landscape values of this valley.

The path has received the Award “Zeleni cvijet” (Green flower) from the Croatian touristic collective in 2006, as best in the category of original touristic destinations of the continental part of Croatia.


The geological path Rupnica and Educational path Stari hrastovi (Old oaks)

Length of the path 2,3 km
Duration of the visit 3 h
Distance Velika 14 km, Slatinski Drenovac 5 km
Clothing and footwear adapted for a stay in the nature and climbing through the woods (casual wear and snug sneakers or walking shoes)

At the locality of Rupnica we installed a shorter educational walking path, educating about the phenomena – rocks – volcanic pillars and an interesting story about the Volcanoes in the whole world. Besides of the tour around the first Croatian geological nature monument, we will complete the story of the sleeping Rupnik volcano by visiting the abandoned quarry Trešnjevica, one of the most beautiful geological localities in Croatia, where you can see the magma-tendon in the length of several hundred meters, going through 300 million years older metamorphose rocks of Papuk.

In the north-west part of Papuk, on the location Djedovica, we installed a shorter educational walking path through the original beech and pine woods leading towards the Stari hrastovi, old oaks, a preserved nature monument. The giant oaks are about 500 years old and the oldest living organisms in Slavonia. The oaks are so large they cause wonder, and the place is excellent to learn something about the flora and vegetation of the Nature Park Papuk. Close upon there is the former equestrian trail, “Reitweg”, once used by the escort of count Janković and other noblemen. Throughout the Immense and aloof area of Papuk, once raided the infamous brigand Čaruga, so this area is full of stories and legends about his incredible accomplishments.


The educational path Ružica

Length of the path 800 m
Duration of the visit 1,5 h
Distance Požega 40 km, Našice 20 km
Clothing and footwear adapted for a stay in the nature and climbing through the woods (casual wear and snug sneakers or walking shoes)

The Ružica citadel and the Orahovica lake are one of the most interesting touristic destinations of the Nature park Papuk. The destinations are close to each other – the Ružica citadel is on the hill above the lake and city Orahovica. The educational path “Ružica grad”, leads through the woods from the lake and the city toward the medieval citadel Ružica, one of the biggest and best preserved medieval feudal citadels in Croatia. The educational boards are dedicated to the rich history, architecture, inhabitance and culture of the city, but also to the interesting legends about the development of the citadel. Thanks to the educational boards along the path, the visitors are getting to know about the richness and worthiness of the woods of the Nature park Papuk, not only because of fire woods, but also as inhabitance of endangered herbal- and animal species.


The botanic educational path Turjak

Length of the path 6,3 km
Duration of the visit 6 h
Distance Požega 15 km
Clothing and footwear adapted for a stay in the nature and climbing along the woods (casual wear and snug sneakers or walking shoes)

Not far from Velika, there is a floristic most interesting area of the Nature Park Papuk, consisting of the hills Turjak, Pliš, Mališćak and Lapjak. Because of its extraordinary floristic worth, uniqueness and representativity, we installed a botanic educational path there. The path leads through a hundred years old oak and black ash wood, with open rocky areas and small limestone meadows. On this small meadows there are growing the largest number of endangered and protected plants of the Nature Park.
Besides of its floristic exceptional worth, this area represents the first safe finding of one type of lizard “ivanjski rovaš” (Ablepharus kitaibelii) in Croatia.


Educational path Kutjevo

Length of path 1,3 km
Duration of the visit 1 h
Distance Požega 22 km
Clothing and footwear adapted to a stay in the nature and climbing through the woods
(casual wear and snug sneakers or walking shoes)

The city Kutjevo, located in middle Slavonia was mentioned before more than 770 years and is recognized after a once exemplary seigniory, diligent people and the famous Kutjevo wine. Kutjevo is the most known for being one of the Croatian wine capitols, but this is also a city known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, the beauty of its surroundings, extraordinary herbal and animal species, geomorphologic phenomena, mountain-paths and creek sources.

The Kutjevo historical complex is the starting point of this cultural-touristic product. It consists of seeing the former Cistercian monastery from the 13th century, the Saint Merry Church, the baroque castle, the park and the wine cellars, where we can organize a degustation of the well-known Kutjevo wines and afterwards we are going for a walk through the oak forest and the vineyards through to Vinkomir, the ending point of the educational path.


Organized excursions

The Nature Park Papuk, offers a variety of excursions and recreation possibilities inside and around the protected area to its visitors.

Program of half-day visits  

  • Visitors center Velika, educational path Lapjak
  • Counts path at Jankovac
  • Nature monument Stari hrastovi, Trešnjevica, Rupnica
  • Ružica citadel, museum collection, city park-mill

Program of whole day visits 

  • Stari hrastovi-Rupnica-Jankovac
  • Ružica citadel-Jankovac
  • Visitors center Velika-Jankovac
  • Ružica citadel-Kutjevo
  • Geo-park excursion – Vranovo-Brzaja-Zvečevo-Trešnjevica-Rupnica-Jankovac

Each of the offered half-day excursions has an educational character of the School-in Nature program. It is possible to get work-sheets, to be filled out with the excursion-guide, based on what they have seen of the natural and historical peculiarities during the excursion. The work-sheets are adapted for two categories of pupils – younger and older prime-school pupils. The price of the work-sheet and engagement of the excursion-guide, as moderator for filling out the sheets, is paid extra in the amount of 5 Kuna additional to the ticket.


Price-list of tickets and services at the Nature Park Papuk

Price of the tickets for organized groups at the Nature Park Papuk:

  • For adults: 25,00 Kuna
  • For children (up to 18 years) and students: 20,00 Kuna
  • For retired persons: 20,00 Kuna
  • For mountaineers (with a mountaineer-ID): 20,00 Kuna

Price for a competent guiding (1 guide – up to 30 visitors):

  • One half-day tour (up to 4 h): 250,00 Kuna
  • One whole day tour (up to 6 h): 350,00 Kuna

Price of multimedia-presentations 

at the Info-Centre Velika: 250,00 Kuna

Work sheets: 5,00 kn.

The groups should be announced at least one week before the visit.

For all further information and the announcement of the visiting groups, You can contact us at the Visitors-centre in Velika:

Javna ustanova Park prirode Papuk
Stjepana Radića 46
34 330 Velika
Tel: 034/ 313 – 030: fax: 034/313 – 027