The Park Rules


The territory of the Nature Park Papuk is protected by the Nature protection Law, that`s why we ask the visitors to attend to the behaviour regulations an cooperate with the staff of the Nature Park Papuk, in order to preserve the original biological, geological an cultural values of the protected environment, as follows:

Graphic1 do not damage the trees, bushes, don`t pick flowers or other plants
Graphic2 do not scare, disturb, catch, hunt or kill any kind of animals, don`t damage nests or animal pits
Graphic3 do not camp or start a fire, accept at for these purposes provided places, keep the nature park clean and dispose of Your garbage at the provided places
Graphic8 do not pollute the creeks and wells and do not bathe in them
Graphic5 attend to the caution signs and walk on marked walking paths for Your own protection
Graphic6 dogs may not stroll around without being on the leash
zabranjeno-fotografiranje taking pictures and photographs for commercial purposes, except with the approval from the Nature Park, is not allowed
zabrana-turistickih-usluga all types of touristic-, catering- or trade business without franchise approval of the Public institution of the Nature Park Papuk, are forbidden.

The guards of the Nature Park act as immediate care taker at the Park and have the authority to punish offenders on the place of misdemeanour in cases where the regulations, installed according to the Book of regulations about the interior order at the Nature Park Papuk, are not respected.

If you witness irregularities or not desirable situations, please call 034-313-030.

Dear Visitors!
Pleas mind these regulations. Thank You!

Park management